H1 update

Sorry for the radio silence dear readers!

H1 was an H with two faces. The first months we’ve been growing super quickly, our revenue peaking at €23k/week. Multiply that by 52, and we’ve reached our target of €1.2M this year.

However, the end of May revenue dipped. Furniture is very seasonal, we’re learning. We have a big garden furniture client, but that’s not enough to fill the gap. The result: bigger than expected losses in May and June.

Therefore, I’m immersing myself into the likes of Pipedrive, HubSpot and MailChimp. We need new leads! Zooming out a bit: next year we need new clients lined up for the start of the summer (which we need to start finding two months earlier), plus we need more garden furniture clients. With some experimenting - sending out 15 cold e-mails resulted in 3 offers - we’ve learned that it’s not difficult, we just need to do it. (any tips on this? Don’t hesitate to text me!)

Some big results for H1

  • We’ve hired Jan-Willem Donkervoort as our chief HR. Jan-Willem worked the last 9 years for a semi-government organisation employing and coaching all sorts of people that are on government support. He brings enormous experience and network in our target demographic of delivery drivers.

  • We launched our all new, super professional werkenbij.br8.nl recruitment site.

  • We’ve expanded our warehousing with an additional 250 m2. Our neighbours had some space available. It did mean sawing a hole in both warehouses to connect.

  • We’ve finally managed to get our official, much needed, NIWO transport licence. Important for insurances, liability and other sensible stuff.

  • Expanded our fleet to 8 vans, on track for 12 vans by the end of the year.

  • Heard rumours that our big competitor (JP Haarlem) is getting quite nervous of our presence.

That’s it!