€20k/week and on track for €1.2M

Week 13 BR8 finally hit the €20k revenue mark! We’re on track to hit €1.2M in 2019.

Right now growth is crazy and we’re understaffed in every function. A great feeling, but it’s wearing down all resources. Vans breaking down, delivery drivers breaking down, warehouse too small, etc. Most of our customers are not happy. But - knock wood - they’re not leaving.

We’re slowly spotting a pattern here: Spring is a big peak. Some of it makes sense (garden furniture), some of it doesn’t (office refittings need to be done in spring as well?). Last year the same situation. We also notice this is a peak for our competitors as well. They also struggle with capacity, which causes there customers to be unhappy and request quotes from BR8. Which is great, but unfortunately we can’t serve them right now. Two thoughts:

  • In 2020, we have to adjust our current, heavily simplified, linear capacity planning to a seasonal one. To make sure we are not understaffed again next Spring. We’re requesting seasonality input from our biggest 5 customers to make a somewhat reliable curve throughout the year.

  • In summer and autumn, sales will probably slow down, as it did last year. I’m trying to keep these incoming leads warm and convert them later in the year. It will be challenging to keep growth going at the current rate.

Another structural problem is lack of recruitment and HR capacity to find and keep good delivery- and warehouse colleagues. Soon more news on this!