2018: €600k revenue

The second year of BR8 is behind us. With almost 10k stops and €600k revenue we made a big jump from 2017 (2.500 activities, €160k). More importantly, we:

  • moved into a bigger warehouse

  • implemented a professional WMS

  • secured funding for future growth

These projects took the larger part of 2018 to complete. In Q4 we could finally focus on customer acquisition again, resulting in 5 new big clients now testing with BR8.

Satisfied? Not completely. We aimed for €750k. The lead time of the projects mentioned above was, of course, longer than we estimated. And they were all blocking our growth.

Our 2019 goals are:

  • grow at least 100%

  • start developing proprietary software

  • hire ‘nr 3’ in the management team

Thanks for reading and your support in 2018!