BR8 went viral on LinkedIn

BR8 currently employs about 12 delivery guys. Finding these employees wasn't easy though. While most competitors try to hire the hip, young students to do this work, we have had by far the best experience with a slightly older demographic. Most of these guys had been long term unemployed, for some reason. Because BR8 gives them a real chance for a real job, we experience incredible loyalty and work ethos.

Because it's simply amazing to help people in this way, we decided to make this a social company goal: at least 50% of our drivers come from long term unemployment. However, the 1 or 2 contacts BR8 had within the government (UWV) dried up, and being a bit frustrated with not finding any new candidates, we reached out on LinkedIn.

I told a story about "Jan" who joined us after 6 years of unemployement. Now, half a year later, he has lost about 15kg, renewed his teeth, got his truck license, and last week proposed to his girlfriend. Wow!

It went viral! More the half a million Dutchies, about 3% of the population, read it. We have about a 100 people from various government agencies (UWV, Gemeentes, Werkgevers servicepunt, Wajong, daklozen) emailing us with requests to get in contact.

2018-01-23 08_01_32-(1) Notifications _ LinkedIn.png

We couldn't be more happy. Just a quick post to look for more people for our growing business really hit a note with The Netherlands. And now? We are even more determined to help more people who deserve a chance for a real job.