98.93% damage free

Measured on 1026 deliveries, we've delivered 98,93% damage free. For the nerds - that is a 3.8 sigma score.

We've learned from some of our customers, who run their own logistics as well, that it is not uncommon to have complaints with 25% of your deliveries. I remember similar scores from my time running logistics at Coolblue, delivering white goods. 

Apparently we've found a successful way to manage this. Every Monday, we report to our delivery guys about damages. Not speed, not efficiency, only damages. We think is by far the biggest KPI to create a profitable furniture delivery business.

For the last 6 weeks, we've complimented them for another damage free week. 

Next step: make sure these very hot sales leads learn about this. They might be a bit hesitant to give all their expensive furniture to such a young and inexperienced company. Hopefully 98,93% will draw them over the line.