€4k revenue, 60 deliveries, 5% gross margin

Last week we again had a revenue peak. Interesting to notice is that these busy weeks gross margin (after van leasing, labour and diesel) is already at 5%. This 5% paid all overheads including warehouse rent. Of course 60 deliveries/week is nothing, our current 'delivery density' is still terrible. We still have to drive to Groningen for 2 deliveries.

It's promising, I think. Imagine what happens to gross margin with 600 deliveries a week. 

Next mile stone: pay ourselves a salary. We need to get there before 01/04/2018, the deadline when our private budget for this adventure is depleted. The plan to get there, in specific order:

  1. Finish the rebranding. Chique outfits for the guys, wrapping for the vans. 
  2. Select and implement delivery software.
  3. Ramp up sales. Convert a long list of hot leads into customers.