3 vans en route!

Sorry, dear followers, radio silence for a while! A lot happened in the mean time. We've done a €3k week, making enough revenue to pay for labour, vans and diesel, and today is a first day 3 Beverdam vans are driving routes. Last week we signed up a major e-commerce furniture business called Flinders, which is on top of the 'list of dream customers'. Incredibly exciting!

But, we are getting stuck in Google Sheets. Therefore, coming months we are selecting and rolling out new delivery software. There actually is very, very cool software available of the shelf. Yesterday I met a very promising candidate, which actually supports something we call 'dynamic timeslot offering', which would enable every recipient to choose from a couple of timeslots within the next 7 days - at the same time creating a super efficient delivery route. 

Also, Beverdam will be rebranded! The old name is fun, it's a nice story to tell, but the direct first association just isn't right. A local marketing company helped us with a new name and a new logo. Very excited to introduce that to you!