Week 51 of 2017: 120 deliveries, €9k revenue.


Maybe we could've been more ambitious this summer, but we decided we at least wanted to double our shipments/week before the end of the year. 120 deliveries a week was the goal.

Last week we did it. Precisely 120 deliveries :)

One of these 120 was one huge project we did for a project furniture business called BigBrands. We delivered all the furniture for a €7M apartment in Amsterdam. Total value of this furniture: €150k. Our revenue from this single delivery: €2k. According to BigBrands, usually traditional moving companies do these kinds of jobs, but are incredibly low tech and thus struggle to do the warehousing (receiving 80 different items) and make progress transparent for the shipper. Conclusion: this could be a very interesting niche to service.

The project plus 119 deliveries resulted in a record smashing €9k revenue and €2k profit. Suddenly €0.5M revenue next year doesn't seem ambitious enough anymore.