Guerrilla marketing

Ok. So we have done the first deliveries. Unfortunately, as it looks like right now, coming Saturday (tomorrow) we again won't have anything to deliver. The music store simply ain't selling piano's. F*ck!

This week I approached two other very promising leads. One is a high-end bed retailer, the other a high-end furniture store slash interior designer. The first is right now paying a punchy 6% (of customer value!) per order to get the beds delivered and installed, the other is doing deliveries himself, which he hates.

The high-end furniture store actually doesn't have a website, and he knows I have 13yrs Coolblue under my belt. Therefore I proposed: I'll help you couple of mornings to produce a simple website, in return I'd like to deliver your furniture for at least a year. Really hope he says yes! 

Next week: guerrilla marketing! I spend a day figuring out InDesign and produced this flyer. Yes, a flyer. It's so ugly, I'm not even going to show it here. The plan: next week I'm going to walk into all regional high-end furniture stores, make a chat, ask for who manages logistics, and leave them a flyer with my business card. Couple of days later, I give them a call and send out a quote. 

Another way to quickly attract more customers, is to be transparant about pricing. I came up with a simple model. "Beverdam costs €40 per stop plus €10 for every 15min we on average spend on your product." I think this really makes things simple, which is important for my target audience. Have a look!